Paid Advertising

Paid advertisingWhy REDA is the Right Partner to Manage Your Paid Advertising

Here are some additional benefits you get when you decide to hire REDA for your paid media management:

  • Mixed-Channel Approach. A B2B company has different Paid Media needs than an e-commerce company. That is why we look at a variety of different paid options when evaluating a client’s business to find the optimal mix that will drive the desired results.
  • Drive KPIs. Just like our other marketing services, REDA focuses its Paid Media efforts on driving your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We will determine what results you are looking to achieve through your paid media campaign and then report on those results. These KPIs could be leads, form fills, phone calls, downloads, online purchases, or revenue.
  • Expert-Level Paid Media Management. We have recruited some of the brightest in the business and put them to work on our clients’ campaigns.
  • Data-Driven Approach. REDA offers a proprietary, data-driven approach to determining optimal campaign management. For example, we can determine exactly how much your maximum bid amount should be for PPC campaigns based on your profitability model. Our managers have dozens of tools like these at their fingertips so that your campaign can benefit.

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