Analytics and Reporting

If you have ever worked with a traditional digital marketing agency, you’ve probably seen first-hand how frustrating and confusing their reports can be. At the end of each month, most agencies will send their clients a 30-plus page automated analytics report with keyword ranking data, traffic patterns, technical jargon, and generally a lot of other data that may indicate what they are doing for you (we call these marketing indicators); however, it may not be the most relevant data points and typically will not specify if you are making any money from their efforts.

Let’s be honest here… what do you really want from a digital marketing agency? You probably want them to help you grow your business and make money, right? That’s why, instead of showing you indicators of their success, we believe an agency should report back on what you care about most—results, sales and ROI.

Furthermore, why should you waste your valuable time deciphering all of those meaningless data points? You want to see how many leads they have generated for you, how many phone calls you have received from their efforts, and how many online transactions they have driven to your website.

Cutting through the clutter and noise when it comes to reporting and analytics is a difficult challenge for most marketers, which is why most agencies avoid figuring it out.

Line graph showing dataRelationEdge Digital Agency (REDA) takes the approach of serving as a VP of Marketing who reports to a CEO, providing you with executive-level reporting. Our clients do not have time to look through volumes of useless data, so we have simplified our reporting to only include what matters most to your business—Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). During our very first meeting, we will define the KPIs you are looking to achieve so we can tailor a digital marketing strategy to drive the desired results.

REDA uses industry leading analytics platforms to extract the data that will show you how we are doing. Each month, your dedicated Marketing Executive will review this data with your team. If we are hitting our goals and metrics, then we will discuss how we plan to continue improving results. If the goals are not where we expect them to be, then we will show you the data most relevant to the problem and discuss how we are going to make improvements going forward.

Reporting and analytics does not need to be complex or confusing. It should be simple and straight to the point.

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