Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website has the potential to be a non-stop selling machine for your business — you just need to be able to convert your existing traffic into tangible opportunities.

If you find that you’re getting plenty of traffic to your website, but only a small percentage of that traffic converts into a lead or makes a purchase, you need a strategy to optimize your website’s conversion rate.

A conversion is any action that you want your web page visitors to actively take as they explore your product, service, or landing pages. This can range from an email opt-in or a webinar registration to an online purchase. A conversion rate optimization strategy helps you refine your website’s layout and content to create a higher percentage of visitors who take the action you intended. The goal of conversion rate optimization is to funnel more people through the customer journey, moving them out of the awareness stage to become qualified leads or new customers.

Website conversion optimization is one of the most effective ways of driving transformative business value. If we assume that you currently have a 2% conversion rate on your website, and you can increase that conversion rate to 3%, then you can expect a 50% increase in revenue and profit. Fractional percent increases in conversion rate can lead to huge gains to your top and bottom lines — you just need to find the right conversion rate optimization agency.

Why Work With RelationEdge Digital Agency (REDA)?

With so many sales at stake, it’s crucial that you choose a team of experts that understands your customers and skillfully predicts their needs. The right partner will help you engage your customers at every step along the path from lead to loyalty.

At REDA, we put your website traffic to work. Anyone can make recommendations on items to change on your website, but without solid data to support those recommendations, they are merely speculation. We rely on data to help us craft the best conversion rate optimization strategy for your unique organization, taking into account your audience, industry, and sales cycle.

Using the RelationEdge Process First. Technology Second.® approach, we take the time to really understand your business goals. This allows us to integrate conversion rate optimization into your overall digital marketing strategy for optimum results. As your experienced conversion rate optimization agency, we carefully review your current site and traffic to troubleshoot common problems, such as:

Not only that, but we use industry-leading software and tools to extract the right data to make smarter decisions for your website’s content. These tools can include:

  • Heat Map Tracking. Integrating heat map tracking enables us to see exactly what people are doing on your website, the links they are clicking most, and where they are directing their attention. We then use this data to make changes to messaging, layouts, colors, or call-to-action button placement.
  • A/B Testing. A/B testing allows us to create two slightly different versions of the same page and split the traffic going to those pages. In an A/B test, we can experiment with different elements of the page — from color and messaging to your call-to-action. The page with the highest conversion rate “wins” and we drive all the traffic to that page.
  • Multivariate Testing. While A/B testing singles out one variable to improve its impact on conversions, multivariate testing allows us to test a collection of elements to see which combination is most successful in winning conversions.

A/B Test

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