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RelationEdge® works with companies of all sizes, in any industry, across the globe, and we welcome each of their unique challenges. Since we focus on our clients’ business processes, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution that we plug and play. Rather, we tailor technology solutions that complement the variety of industries we serve.

We take the time to understand our clients’ operations and identify opportunities to improve efficiency, automate procedures, and reduce costs. From there, we leverage technology to enable those re-engineered business processes.

Our Process First. Technology Second.® approach results in an increased ROI, better adoption rates internally and a custom engineered technology solution that will help you better market, sell and service your customers.

Our Clients

New Salesforce Implementations40%
Ongoing Process Improvements65%
Now Using Salesforce as More Than a CRM70%

67%Average percent of time our clients’ sales managers were spending on non-sales activities prior to working with RelationEdge.


“RelationEdge helped us identify top prospects from our database of over 30,000. Since implementing Salesforce with the help of RelationEdge, we spend less time and money marketing to everyone, and are able to focus on our most promising donors instead.”- Christopher Lee, Vice President of Development at PCI
“I approached the implementation of Salesforce with some trepidation knowing that bringing in new software is never as easy as they say it will be. The beauty of RelationEdge is that they make the transition seamless and more importantly painless. Working with RelationEdge gives you the ability to focus on selling knowing that you are superbly supported on the back end. Lots of companies promise to go the extra mile but few deliver. RelationEdge delivers!”- Aaron Chang, Award-Winning Artist & Owner of Aaron Chang Ocean Art Gallery
“RelationEdge took the time to understand what makes us successful and revamped our Salesforce system to help reduce sales cycle by 20% and reduce installation cycle by 25%.”- Jeremy Johnson, Alliance Program Manager at Baker Electric Solar
“RelationEdge helped us get to the next level of using Salesforce to run our business. We gained up-to-the-minute visibility and the ability to forecast with no timing limitations, eliminated hours of manual work in preparing reports, and increased our capacity to grow and scale.”- Mario Gattuso, Business Development Manager at Aculon, Inc.
“RelationEdge is instrumental in helping us realize the value of Salesforce and run our entire business in the cloud, resulting in tremendous cost savings. I absolutely recommend RelationEdge for their knowledge of Salesforce and passion to solve our problems.”- Michael Cabrera, Chief Engineer at Valtech Engineering
“During the 9 months since we engaged RelationEdge, we have doubled our monthly sales closes due to RelationEdge’s assistance in helping us better leverage Salesforce to prioritize leads. I highly recommend the RelationEdge team for taking the time to understand our sales process and for their transparency and professional experiences.”- Nii A. Ahene, Co-Founder and COO at CPC Strategy