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Email marketing is a great way to 1) engage and inform prospective customers after they have found you while building your brand, and 2) keep current customers engaged and informed about your business and industry.

Email marketing should be used to send the right messages, to the right people, at the right time; however, we all get a lot of emails each day. Some are annoying and spammy, while others are welcomed, entertaining, and serve some type of purpose. Ideally, your company is creating an email marketing campaign that is the latter. Email marketing can be tricky, but it can be highly effective if done correctly.

Nurture and engage.If you have built an email list over the years, those individuals could potentially have some type of relationship with your business, services or industry. As a business, you should be nurturing and engaging them on a regular basis. Chances are, most of the names on your email list have yet to buy anything from you, so you should be sending them valuable information and keeping your company top-of-mind awareness (TOMA). Some people on the list may have already purchased from you and/or are current clients. They too should be nurtured and engaged.

The challenge for most businesses is they want to push out sales related information, such as new products or services. Unless it is from an online retailer running a sale or announcing a new product though, people tire of seeing promotional emails. As a business, your goal should be to not only have TOMA with your clients, but also provide them some type of benefit. There is a fine line between sending out promotional items and informative information when it comes to risking upsetting your email marketing contacts.

How RelationEdge Digital Agency Solves the Email Marketing Challenge

Marketing 101 continues to hold true even today—companies still need at least five to seven touch-points (sometimes more) with prospective customers before they will buy something. Email marketing should aid in allowing companies to add more touch-points to their marketing mix.

RelationEdge Digital Agency (REDA) includes email marketing into our content marketing calendar and our overall digital marketing strategy. Some clients may only send a monthly newsletter, while others have sophisticated drip email marketing campaigns, with segmented lists, that are triggered by some type of action. Regardless of the focus and frequency of your email campaigns, we will work with you to understand the goals and how email marketing fits into the larger picture.Drip flow processUnlike most agencies who assign you a lower-level Account Manager as your main point of contact, REDA assigns the most senior members of our team, our Marketing Executives, as your point of contact. Each Marketing Executive has extensive internet marketing experience and can guide you on how your email marketing campaign can fit into the bigger picture. They will utilize our proven processes to deliver conversion-focused messaging and engaging content.

Our goals with email marketing are to grab the reader’s attention, pique their interest and deliver high-quality messaging that drives them back to your website. Email marketing also allows us to very accurately track engagement and conversions so we can give you executive-level reporting on how well the effort is working.

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